Why we do what we do.

We have a simple approach to life…”it’s more fun to be whimsical”. It’s our belief, that every day is a gift. Finding the magic in everyday life, was a philosophy that Walt Disney seemed to live each day. We love this attitude toward life and try and live it out.

Our story.

After the economic crisis of 2008 we had to re-evaluate our lives and why we were in business. It lead us to realize that we wanted to do more than just go through the motions. At the time my wife was being inspired by her love of running and our mutual love of Disney. She was always looking for cute running gear with a Disney side. However, she struggled to find high quality shirts and apparel that she liked.

So we began making our own custom designed apparel. Everyone kept asking where she got these amazing shirts and leggings. So we decided to make them available to everyone. Over 25,000 shirts, leggings and shoes later, we are now a team of creative designers and fierce lovers of premium quality shirts, and whimsical fashion. We have spent years sourcing the best garment suppliers in the world to put our one of a kind designs on. 

The values we will never violate…

  • We will never sell or produce low quality garments…period.
  • We will only use premium materials.
  • Our designs will always be 100% original.
  • Every customer will be 100% satisfied no matter what it takes.
  • Our designs are not sold in retail stores, and we will never sell out.
  • Our customers will always come first even if we lose money to keep their trust. 
  • Our team is our family.
  • We will always pay our team members well, so they can be at their best for our customers.

Need to get in touch?

Phone: (208) 918-1924

Contact our support team at support@mainstreetbella.com