Main Street Bella Affiliate Program

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Main Street Bella Affiliate Program

Program Overview

  • 5% – 12% Commission Rate based on lifetime sales tiers.
  • 30-day referral cookie.
  • Paypal Payouts for secure payouts.
  • Instant push notifications when you earn a referral
  • Direct link capability from your domain for site wide traffic credit.
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The Main Street Bella Affiliate Program

When people shop for Disney inspired products, it’s usually to commemorate a special event, vacation or achievement. Discover our exclusive designer styles you can’t find anywhere else that have a high conversion rate.

Why Become an Affiliate?

You can earn commission simply by linking to from your own website or blog. We will provide banners, text and product links to help you drive traffic to We handle everything from order processing, shipping and customer service. All you have to do is promote our products on your blog or website using your affiliate links that we will provide.

Affiliate Benefits

  1. Earn commission on products sold on (excluding shipping, taxes and returns)
  2. Reporting and sales tracking through our affiliate network.
  3. Affiliates receive exclusive newsletters and product sneak peeks.
  4. Exciting promotions, banners and creatives.

How do I join?

Simply fill out the online registration form here. We will contact you once we have reviewed and approved your site.