Shipping delays plague E-commerce

Covid-19 shipping delays


The current state of shipping globally is difficult to say the least. Because of Covid-19 the world of shipping for e-commerce stores is a struggle.

Let’s look at why nearly every online store is struggling with these issues.


1. Because of COVID-19 production facilities globally are behind. This is due to short staff caused by mitigation efforts.

2. Online sales are at record highs. Nearly every online store is experiencing sales volumes greater than that of holiday shopping season.

3. Because of these two truths shipping companies are overwhelmed and also delayed. 

Express couriers are now experiencing intensified demand as eCommerce sales continue to grow putting additional pressure on reduced air freight capacity.

Due to the increased demand, express couriers like DHL Express and FedEx have cut available capacity for our express items to less than 20% of normal capacity. They have also removed their guaranteed delivery times due to the pile-ups in their warehouses (photo above). 

We found a great resource to better help you understand the air freight crisis occurring all over the world that can be found here: